§ 54.1-3312

Qualifications of pharmacist; approved school of pharmacy defined

A. In order to be licensed as a pharmacist within the meaning of this chapter, an applicant shall present to the Board satisfactory evidence that he:

1. Is at least eighteen years of age;

2. Is of good moral character;

3. Is a graduate of a school of pharmacy approved by the Board, or a foreign college of pharmacy, if the graduate has satisfactorily completed (i) a college of pharmacy equivalency examination program approved by the Board and (ii) written and oral communication ability tests of the English language approved by the Board;

4. Has had a period of practical experience in the United States in accordance with the Board’s regulations; however, such requirement shall not exceed twelve months; and

5. Has passed the examination prescribed by the Board.

B. As used in this article, an approved school of pharmacy shall be an institution which meets the minimum standards of the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education and appears on the Council’s list of schools of pharmacy as published annually.


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