§ 54.1-3434.4

Prohibited acts

A. It is unlawful for any person or entity which is not registered under this article to (i) conduct the business of shipping, mailing, or otherwise delivering Schedule II through VI controlled substances into Virginia or (ii) advertise the availability for purchase of any Schedule II through VI controlled substances by any citizen of the Commonwealth. Further, it shall be unlawful for any person who is a resident of Virginia to advertise the pharmacy services of a nonresident pharmacy or compounding services of an outsourcing facility that has not registered with the Board, with the knowledge that the advertisement will or is likely to induce members of the public in the Commonwealth to use the pharmacy or outsourcing facility to obtain controlled substances.

B. Any controlled substance that is ordered or shipped in violation of any provision of this chapter, shall be considered as contraband and may be seized by any law-enforcement officer or any agent of the Board of Pharmacy.


1990, c. 270; 2005, c. 115; 2008, cc. 79, 618; 2015, c. 300.


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