§ 56-265.4:5

Furnishing gas service to commercial and industrial customers in an area not certificated for public utility gas service

A. Any company desiring to make an exempt sale, transmission or service under subdivision (b) (4) of § 56-265.1 shall notify the Commission of its plans for furnishing such gas service. The Commission shall make a determination of whether the customers’ facilities are located within a territory for which a certificate has been granted, or, as of the time of the Commission’s receipt of the notice provided hereunder, within any area, territory, or jurisdiction served by a municipal corporation that provided gas distribution service as of January 1, 1992, and shall prohibit the furnishing of gas service to any facility so located. The Commission shall provide notice of such plans to furnish gas service to all public utilities providing gas service in the Commonwealth. Within sixty days of such notice, any public utility so notified may make application to the Commission to provide such service. If an application is filed, the Commission shall determine, after a public hearing, which company shall furnish the gas service.

B. In the event a gas utility is issued a certificate to serve the area where customers to whom service is being provided pursuant to this section are located, the gas utility shall have the right, subject to existing contracts regarding gas service to such customers and to the gas utility’s effective transportation tariff, to acquire any facilities installed to serve such customers, at a price to be mutually agreed upon, or if not so agreed, at a price to be determined by the Commission.


1990, c. 488; 1992, c. 476.


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