Services, Rates, Charges, Etc

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Services, Rates, Charges, Etc.” It is part of Title 56, titled “Public Service Companies.” It is part of Chapter 10, titled “Heat, Light, Power, Water And Other Utility Companies Generally.” It’s comprised of the following 38 sections.

§ 56-234
Duty to furnish adequate service at reasonable and uniform rates
§ 56-234.1
Liability to customer for violation of duty to determine and charge lowest rate applicable
§ 56-234.2
Review of rates
§ 56-234.3
Approval of expenditures for and monitoring of new generation facilities and projected operation programs of electric utilities
§ 56-234.4
Authority to investigate utility operations to determine efficiency
§ 56-234.5
Required disclosure by certain officers and directors of certain utilities
§ 56-235
When Commission may fix rates, schedules, etc.; conformance with chapter
§ 56-235.1
Conservation of energy and capital resources
§ 56-235.10
Recovery of eligible safety activity costs; administration; procedure
§ 56-235.1:1
Rates for stand-by electric service at renewable cogeneration facilities
§ 56-235.2
All rates, tolls, etc., to be just and reasonable to jurisdictional customers; findings and conclusions to be set forth; alternative forms of regulation for electric companies
§ 56-235.3
Procedures for investigation of rate applications
§ 56-235.4
Prohibition of multiple rate increases within any twelve-month period; exception
§ 56-235.5
Telephone regulatory alternatives
§ 56-235.5:1
Local exchange telephone service competition policy
§ 56-235.6
Optional performance-based regulation of certain utilities
§ 56-235.7
Jurisdiction of Commission when federal governmental facility ceases to be retail customer of electric utility
§ 56-235.8
Retail supply choice for natural gas customers
§ 56-235.9
Recovery of funds used for capital projects prior to a rate case for strategic natural gas facilities
§ 56-236
Public utilities required to file schedules of rates and charges; rules and regulations; when detariffing of telephone services to be permitted
§ 56-236.1
Rates to be charged churches
§ 56-236.2
Suspension of service to sewerage system
§ 56-237
How changes in rates effected; notice required; changes to be indicated on schedules
§ 56-237.1
Notification of intent to seek rate change in schedules required to be filed under § 56-236
§ 56-237.2
Public hearings on protests or objections to rate changes
§ 56-238
Suspension of proposed rates, etc.; investigation; effectiveness of rates pending investigation and subject to bond; fixing reasonable rates, etc
§ 56-239
Appeal from action of Commission
§ 56-240
Proposed rates, etc., or changes thereof, not suspended effective subject to later change by Commission; refund or credit; appeal; investor-owned public utilities required to show increase complies with § 56-235.2
§ 56-241
Rates of telephone companies
§ 56-241.1
Flat and measured telephone rates; certain rates prohibited
§ 56-241.2
Approval of rates for resale of telephone service
§ 56-242
Temporary reduction of rates
§ 56-243
Duration of such temporary reduction
§ 56-244
Increase to make up for losses due to excessive temporary reduction
§ 56-245
Temporary increase in rates
§ 56-245.1
Meters to be kept in good working condition; defective meters
§ 56-245.1:1
Customers to be notified about nuclear emergency evacuation plans
§ 56-245.1:2
Customers to be notified of renewable power options