§ 56-245.1

Meters to be kept in good working condition; defective meters

(1. Any person, firm, corporation, county, city, town or association, hereinafter referred to as person, who or which furnishes water, gas or electricity to the premises of another and employs a meter to determine the quantity of water, gas or electricity furnished to such premises and bases its charges thereon shall keep meter in good working condition.

(2. When any such person is notified in writing that any such meter is broken or not functioning properly he shall promptly investigate the matter and, if the meter is found to be defective, repair or replace the meter within thirty days of such notice. If the meter is found to be in good working condition, a written report of such determination shall be mailed or delivered to the affected customer within thirty days of such notice. If any defective meter is not repaired or replaced as provided herein, or if the required report is not made, the affected customer shall not be required to pay for the service furnished through the meter, after the expiration of the thirty-day period until the repair or replacement is made, or until the required report is made, and his service shall not be terminated for failure to pay under such circumstances.


1972, c. 71.


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