§ 56-245.1:1

Customers to be notified about nuclear emergency evacuation plans

At least once in every calendar year after July 1, 1980, each electric public utility which owns, operates or maintains a nuclear generating facility in the Commonwealth shall publish in a newspaper having general circulation within a ten-mile radius of such facility, a statement or notice prepared or approved by the Department of Emergency Management setting forth the evacuation and other protective actions to be taken by persons or concerns located within such ten-mile radius, in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency resulting from the maintenance, operation or failure of such nuclear facility. After the publication of the first statement or notice required hereby, subsequent statements or notices shall be published at time intervals not exceeding twelve months. The provisions hereof shall not be effective when federal laws or regulations providing for yearly dissemination of similar information to members of the public located within a ten-mile radius of any such nuclear generating facility take effect.


1980, c. 734.


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