§ 56-257

Manner of installing underground utility lines

A. Every operator, as defined in § 56-265.15, having the right to install underground utility lines, as defined in § 56-265.15, except interstate gas pipelines subject to regulation by the U.S. Department of Transportation, shall install such underground utility lines in accordance with accepted industry standards. Such standards shall include, as applicable, standards established by the National Electric Safety Code, the Commission’s pipeline safety regulations, the Department of Health’s waterworks regulations (12 VAC 5-590-10 et seq.), and standards established by the Utility Industry Coalition of Virginia.

B. The Commission shall promulgate any rules or regulations necessary to enforce the provisions of this section as to those operators that do not comply with such accepted industry standards.

C. This section shall not authorize the Commission to order action by, or impose penalties on, any county, city or town. However, the Commission shall inform counties, cities and towns of alleged violations by the locality of the accepted industry standards or regulations adopted under this section and, at the request of the locality, suggest corrective action.


Code 1919, § 4059; 1996, c. 278; 2000, c. 779.


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