§ 58.1-3125

Examination of treasurer’s bond; when court to require new bond

Each circuit court shall enter an order in each year requiring the commissioner of accounts of such court or, if it is improper for such commissioner to act or if there is no commissioner of accounts of such court, then the commissioner of accounts of some other court to be designated in the order, to examine the official bond of the treasurer of such county or city, except when the surety upon the bond is such a surety company as is provided for in § 49-15. Such commissioner shall report to the court at its next term thereafter whether the bond is sufficient in all respects and at the same time certify a copy of such report to the Comptroller. If the bond is reported as insufficient, the court shall make an order requiring the treasurer, within thirty days after he has been served with a copy of the order as a notice, to execute a new bond, which may be given before the court. If such new bond is not given within the time prescribed, the office shall be deemed vacant. The commissioner’s fees shall be paid out of the county or city funds.


Code 1950, § 58-917; 1984, c. 675.


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