This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Treasurers.” It is part of Title 58.1, titled “Taxation.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Local Taxes.” It is part of Chapter 31, titled “Local Officers.” It’s comprised of the following 53 sections.

§ 58.1-3123
Interpretation of "treasurer."
§ 58.1-3124
Where office of county treasurer to be maintained; providing suitable space
§ 58.1-3125
Examination of treasurer's bond; when court to require new bond
§ 58.1-3126
Bond of deputy; liability thereon
§ 58.1-3127
Treasurer to collect and pay over taxes and levies; keep account of receipts and disbursements; books open for inspection
§ 58.1-3127.1
Treasurer to collect all amounts to be received by any department or agency of political subdivision
§ 58.1-3128
Power to summon taxpayers and other persons; penalty
§ 58.1-3128.1
Authority to require production of sales and use tax information
§ 58.1-3129
Destruction of paid tax tickets; other tax tickets; records
§ 58.1-3130
Authority to destroy bonds and bond coupons which have been paid; procedure for destruction; certification
§ 58.1-3131
Warrant book; release of information
§ 58.1-3132
How warrants paid; receivable for levies
§ 58.1-3133
Treasurers may deduct any taxes due from party in whose favor the warrant is drawn; compacts
§ 58.1-3134
Warrants must be presented within two years
§ 58.1-3135
Statement of accounts of treasurer
§ 58.1-3136
Audits of treasurers upon termination of office
§ 58.1-3137
County treasurer's annual settlement; final settlement
§ 58.1-3138
Delivery of books, tax tickets, and other materials to successor treasurer or court clerk
§ 58.1-3139
Treasurer not to deal in warrants
§ 58.1-3140
Remedy for failure to pay such warrants
§ 58.1-3141
Treasurer or other person shall not use public money except as provided by law
§ 58.1-3142
Interest on a fund belongs to the fund; exception
§ 58.1-3143
§ 58.1-3144
§ 58.1-3145
How treasurer may secure final discharge from liability
§ 58.1-3146
Rule to show cause in such case; notice and hearing thereon
§ 58.1-3147
§ 58.1-3148
City charters not affected by particular provisions
§ 58.1-3149
Money received to be deposited
§ 58.1-3150
Duties of depository officers
§ 58.1-3151
County finance board
§ 58.1-3152
Organization and procedure of board
§ 58.1-3153
Compensation for the citizen member of the county finance board
§ 58.1-3154
Selection and approval of depositories
§ 58.1-3155
Deposit of local funds in banking institutions outside of the Commonwealth to meet obligations payable outside of the Commonwealth
§ 58.1-3156
County finance boards may direct treasurer to invest under certain circumstances
§ 58.1-3157
§ 58.1-3158
Duties of treasurers
§ 58.1-3159
§ 58.1-3160
Monthly report of treasurer to board
§ 58.1-3161
Interest on deposits
§ 58.1-3162
Disbursement of money deposited
§ 58.1-3163
No liability for loss of funds deposited in accordance with article
§ 58.1-3164
Institution of proceedings
§ 58.1-3165
Suspension of officer proceeded against, appointment of substitute
§ 58.1-3166
Substitute officer continues in office upon removal of predecessor
§ 58.1-3167
§ 58.1-3168
When treasurers to pay state revenue into state treasury
§ 58.1-3169
Interest chargeable against treasurer for failure to pay over revenue
§ 58.1-3170
§ 58.1-3171
Attorney General to proceed against delinquent treasurers and their sureties; recordation of notice
§ 58.1-3172
Lien of judgment and execution in such proceeding
§ 58.1-3172.1
Remote access to nonconfidential public records maintained by treasurer; fees