§ 58.1-3930

How liens to be recorded; release of liens

Liens of delinquent real estate taxes and all liens described under § 58.1-3745 shall be recorded in the office of the treasurer in a book or an approved visible card system to be kept for the purpose and indexed in the names of the persons against whom the taxes on real estate are assessed, or in a computer system approved by the Auditor of Public Accounts. Any officer collecting any such taxes unless otherwise specifically provided by law, shall forthwith transmit such payment to the treasurer, who shall give his receipt therefor and record the payment, thereby releasing the lien. Where such list is kept in a visible card index file, the treasurer may, at the time of entry of the records of payment, remove from the file the cards on which such payments have been noted; and such cards may, on certification by the Auditor of Public Accounts that the same are no longer needed for audit, be destroyed.


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