§ 58.1-3745

Lien on real estate and personal property of businesses severing coal

There shall be a priority lien upon a debtor’s estate for all taxes due and owing under the authority granted by this chapter. Such lien shall be inferior only to real estate and personal property taxes, levies, and penalties; any obligation, bond, or instrument used in lieu of a bond to the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy under Title 45.1; and liens benefiting the Commonwealth. This lien shall not require a distraint action prior to enforcement.The purchaser at a sale of real estate to which the lien under this section applies shall cause the proceeds of such sale to be applied to the payment of all taxes and levies assessed and due under the authority granted by this chapter, the provisions of § 55-59.4 notwithstanding. The words “taxes” and “levies” as used in this section include the penalties and interest accruing on such taxes and levies in pursuance of law. In addition to existing remedies for the collection of taxes and levies, the lien imposed hereby shall be enforceable in the same manner as provided in Article 4 (§ 58.1-3965 et seq.) of Chapter 39. There shall be a further lien upon the rents of such real estate, whether the same be in money or in kind, for taxes and levies of the current year.


2013, cc. 305, 618.


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