§ 6.2-1019

Issuance of shares; subscriptions to stock; stock option plans

A. A trust company shall not issue no-par stock. The stock of a trust company shall be paid for in money at not less than par value, and a trust company shall not begin business until it has received payment in full of the amounts of initial capital specified in its certificate of authority.

B. Money received for subscriptions to or purchases of stock of a trust company before it opens for business shall be deposited in escrow in one or more insured financial institutions or invested in United States government obligations. Such funds shall be under the joint control of at least two organizing directors of the trust company, each of whom shall be bonded for an amount not less than the total amount of money under their control. Such funds, together with any income thereon, less such organizational expenses as have been approved by the trust company’s board of directors, shall be remitted to the trust company on the day it opens for business.

C. If the trust company is denied a certificate of authority, or it is otherwise determined that the trust company will not open for business, such funds, after payment of any amount owing for expenses in connection with such attempted organization, including reasonable consulting fees, attorney fees, salaries, filing fees, and other expenses, shall be refunded to subscribers or shareholders. The directors of the trust company, individually, jointly, and severally, shall be liable for any failure of the trust company to refund such funds to the subscribers or shareholders. This liability may be enforced by a suit in equity instituted by one or more of the subscribers or stockholders on behalf of all subscribers or stockholders against the trust company and one or more of its directors.

D. The requirement that capital stock be paid for in money shall not be construed to prohibit the establishment, as otherwise authorized by law, of stock option plans and stock purchase plans, or the issuance of stock pursuant to such plans. Such plans shall be established only after the trust company has opened for business and shall be approved by the shareholders of the company in accordance with applicable provisions of the Virginia Stock Corporation Act (§ 13.1-601 et seq.).


1994, c. 5, § 6.1-32.18:1; 2010, c. 794.


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