§ 62.1-132.12

Employment, jurisdiction, and power of special police officers

A. The Authority may appoint and employ special police officers to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth and rules and regulations adopted pursuant to § 62.1-132.11 on property owned, leased, or operated by the Authority or any of its subsidiaries. By agreement with the locality within which the property is located, the concurrent jurisdiction and authority of such special police, upon order entered of record by the circuit court for the locality, may be extended to a specific place or places in a locality outside the geographic boundaries of Authority property. Such special police officers shall have the powers vested in police officers under §§ 15.2-1704 and 52-8. Such special police officers may issue summons to appear, or arrest on view or on information without warrant as permitted by law, and conduct before the court of the city or county of competent jurisdiction any person violating, upon property under the control of the Authority, any rule or regulation of the Authority, any law of the Commonwealth, or any ordinance or regulation of any political subdivision of the Commonwealth.

B. The court or courts having jurisdiction for the trial of criminal offenses of the city or county wherein the offense was committed shall have jurisdiction to try persons charged with violating any such laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations. Fines and costs assessed or collected for violation of any such law, ordinance, rule, or regulation shall be paid into the Literary Fund.


1981, c. 589; 2008, cc. 324, 529; 2015, cc. 74, 253.


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