§ 62.1-132.18

Acquisition of property

A. The Authority is authorized to acquire, construct, maintain, equip, and operate marine terminals, port facilities, wharves, docks, ships, piers, quays, elevators, compressors, refrigeration storage plants, warehouses, and other structures necessary for the convenient use of the same in the aid of commerce. The Authority is further authorized to undertake or make arrangements for the dredging of approaches to each facility and the construction of shipping facilities and transportation facilities incident thereto. The Authority shall have the power to issue revenue bonds for such acquisitions and purposes.

B. When such facilities or equipment is acquired from any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, the Authority is authorized to give written assurances, including agreements to reconvey properties to such political subdivision, for the installment payments for any terminals, facility, or equipment thus acquired.


1981, c. 589.


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