§ 66-13.1

Division of Education; employment of Superintendent; powers and duties

A. To assist in the performance of the duties imposed by § 66-13 the Department shall develop and maintain a Division of Education (Division), which shall be composed of all the educational facilities of all institutions operated by the Department. The Division shall be designated as a local education agency (LEA) but shall not be eligible to receive state funds appropriated for direct aid to public education.

B. The Department shall employ a Superintendent of the Division, who shall meet the minimum standards for division superintendents set by the Board of Education. The Superintendent shall supervise the administration of the Division. The Department shall employ teachers and place them in appropriate schools. Other powers and duties of the Superintendent shall be fixed by the Board of Education in accordance with law.

C. When the Department employs a teacher licensed by the Board of Education to provide instruction in the schools of the juvenile correctional centers, the Department of Human Resource Management shall establish salary schedules for the teachers which endeavor to be competitive with those in effect for the school division in which the correctional center is located.


2012, cc. 803, 835.


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