§ 8.01-510

Sale, collection and disposition of debtor’s estate by officer

Real estate, conveyed to an officer under this chapter, shall, unless the court otherwise direct, be sold as other property levied on is required to be sold under § 8.01-492 and be conveyed to the purchaser by the officer. An officer to whom there is delivery under this chapter, when the delivery is of money, bank notes, or any goods or chattels, shall dispose of the same as if levied on by him under a fieri facias; and when the delivery is of evidences of debts, other than such bank notes, may receive payment of such debts within sixty days after such delivery. Any evidence of debt or other security, remaining in his hands at the end of such sixty days, shall be returned by him to the clerk’s office of such court, and collection thereof may be enforced as prescribed by § 8.01-497. For a failure to make such return, he may be proceeded against as if an express order of the court for such return had been disobeyed.


Code 1950, § 8-440; 1977, c. 617.


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