§ 8.01-497

Suit by officer to recover estate on which fieri facias is lien

For the recovery of any estate on which a writ of fieri facias is a lien under this chapter, or on which the judgment on which such writ issues is a lien under Chapter 17 (§ 8.01-426 et seq.) of this title, or for the enforcement of any liability in respect to any such estate, a suit may be maintained, at law or in equity, as the case may require, in the name of the officer to whom such writ was delivered, or in the name of any other officer who may be designated for the purpose by an order of the court in which the judgment is entered. No officer shall be bound to bring such suit unless bond, with sufficient surety, be given him to indemnify him against all expenses and costs which he may incur or become liable for by reason thereof. But any person interested may bring such suit at his own costs in the officer’s name.


Code 1950, § 8-426; 1977, c. 617.


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