§ 9.1-115

Forfeiture of office for failing to meet training standards; termination of salary and benefits; extension of term

A. Every person required to comply with the training standards adopted by the Board, excluding private security services business personnel, who fails to comply with the standards within the time limits established by the regulations adopted by the Board shall forfeit his office, upon receipt of notice, as provided in subsection B. Such forfeiture shall create a vacancy in the office and all pay and allowances shall cease.

B. Notice shall be by certified mail, in a form approved by the Board, to the officer failing to comply and the chief administrative officer of the agency employing the officer. Notice shall be mailed to the State Compensation Board, if approval of that Board of the necessity of his office or compensation is required by law.

C. If the necessity for the officer or compensation of the officer is required by law to be approved by the State Compensation Board, that Board, upon receipt of notice as provided in subsection B, shall notify the Comptroller, who shall cause payment of his compensation to cease as of the date of receipt of the notice by the State Compensation Board of the notice.

D. It shall be the duty of the chief administrative officer of any agency employing a person who fails to meet the training standards to enforce the provisions of § 9.1-114 and this section. Willful failure to do so shall constitute misfeasance in office, and, in addition, upon conviction, shall constitute a Class 3 misdemeanor.


1981, c. 632, § 9-181; 2001, c. 844.


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