§ 9.1-185.15

Recovery of bailees; methods of capture; standards and requirements; limitations

A. During the recovery of a bailee, a bail bondsman shall have a copy of the relevant recognizance for the bailee. In the event a bail bondsman is recovering the bailee of another bondsman, he shall also have written authorization from the bailee’s bondsman, obtained prior to effecting the capture. The Department shall develop the written authorization form to be used in such circumstances.

B. A bail bondsmen shall not enter a residential structure without first verbally notifying the occupants who are present at the time of the entry.

C. Absent exigent circumstances, a bail bondsman shall give prior notification of at least 24 hours to local law enforcement or state police of the intent to apprehend a bailee. In all cases, a bail bondsman shall inform local law enforcement within 30 minutes of capturing a bailee.

D. A bail bondsman shall not break any laws of the Commonwealth in the act of apprehending a bailee.


2004, c. 460.


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