§ 21-130

Form of bonds

Such bonds may be either registered or with coupons attached, as the governing body may prescribe, and coupon bonds may be registerable as to principal, or as to principal and interest, at the option of the holder, under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the governing body. The bonds shall be signed by the chairman and countersigned by the clerk of the governing body under its seal; shall be in denominations of $ 100 or some multiple thereof; shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding six percent per annum, payable semi-annually, both principal and interest to be payable at such place or places as may be determined by the governing body, and shall be payable not exceeding thirty-four years from the date thereof, but may, in the discretion of the governing body, be made redeemable at such time or times within such period or periods and upon such notice as the governing body may prescribe and stipulate upon the face of the bond when issued.


1946, p. 182; Michie Suppl. 1946, § 1560z6.


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