General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 21, titled “Drainage, Soil Conservation, Sanitation And Public Facilities Districts.” It is part of Chapter 2, titled “Sanitary Districts.” It’s comprised of the following 28 sections.

§ 21-112.22
§ 21-113
Creation; inclusion of town in new or enlarged district
§ 21-114
Hearing and notice thereof
§ 21-115
Answer and defense
§ 21-116
Enlargement of sanitary districts
§ 21-116.1
Alteration of boundaries or reduction of area of sanitary districts in certain counties
§ 21-117
Merger of sanitary districts
§ 21-117.1
Abolishing sanitary districts
§ 21-118
Powers and duties of governing body
§ 21-118.1
Authority to acquire property from United States or any agency thereof
§ 21-118.2
Certain counties authorized to use sanitary district funds for certain purposes
§ 21-118.3
Levy and expenditure of taxes in certain counties; validation of expenditures
§ 21-118.4
Certain additional powers of governing body
§ 21-118.5
Unified water supply and sewerage systems for counties and sanitary districts; power of county governing body to fix rates; application of Public Finance Act
§ 21-118.6
Same; application of revenues; tax levy where revenues insufficient
§ 21-118.7
Same; payment to county of revenues held by district
§ 21-118.8
Same; ratification of prior agreements
§ 21-119
Sanitary districts are special taxing districts; nature of improvements; jurisdiction of governing bodies, etc., not affected
§ 21-119.1
Transfer of certain sanitary districts to towns
§ 21-120
In certain cities and counties
§ 21-121
Validation of proceedings
§ 21-121.1
Further validation of proceedings
§ 21-121.2
Additional validation of proceedings
§ 21-121.2:1
Same; bond issues
§ 21-121.3
Powers of districts created under other laws
§ 21-121.4
Powers of boards of supervisors and other governing bodies of counties with respect to sanitary districts
§ 21-121.5
Validation of certain actions
§ 21-121.6
Sanitary districts in certain counties with a water and sewer authority