§ 22.1-146

Power of Board to make loans from fund for erection, etc., of school buildings and fueling facilities for school buses

The Board of Education may make loans or, subject to the approval of the General Assembly, loan interest rate subsidy payments from the Literary Fund to the school boards of the several school divisions making application therefor in the manner prescribed by law, authorized by the governing body and the school board, for the purposes of (i) erecting, altering or enlarging school buildings in such school divisions; (ii) purchasing and installing educational technology equipment and infrastructure; (iii) equipping school buses for alternative fuel conversions and for construction of school bus fueling facilities for supplying compressed natural gas or other alternative fuels; and (iv) refinancing or redemption of negotiable notes, bonds, and other evidences of indebtedness or obligations incurred by a locality on behalf of a school division which has an application for a Literary Fund loan for an approved school project pending before the Board of Education. For the purpose of this section, “alternative fuels” means motor fuels other than gasoline and diesel fuel.


Code 1950, § 22-105; 1980, c. 559; 1988, c. 88; 1991, c. 682; 1994, c. 689; 1997, c. 372; 2007, c. 121.


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