§ 22.1-16.3

Cooperation with other state agencies regarding students placed in group homes or residential facilities having educational programs

A. In addition to the requirement to cooperate with other state departments in licensing and certification of residential schools for students with disabilities, the Department of Education shall cooperate with other state departments in fulfilling their respective licensing and certification responsibilities and in reducing and simplifying the regulations involved in the licensing and certification of group homes and residential facilities for children when such homes or facilities include an educational program. The Board shall promulgate regulations allowing the Department of Education to so assist and cooperate with other state departments.

B. The Board’s regulations shall address the services required to be provided in such homes and facilities as it may deem appropriate to ensure the education and safety of the students. In addition, the Board’s regulations shall include, but shall not be limited to (i) specifications for the structure and accommodations of such homes or facilities according to the needs of the children to be placed; (ii) rules concerning allowable activities, local government and home- or facility-imposed curfews, and study, recreational, and bedtime hours; and (iii) a requirement that each home or facility have a community liaison who shall be responsible for facilitating cooperative relationships with the neighbors, the local school division, local law enforcement, local government officials, and the community at large.


2005, cc. 358, 471.


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