§ 22.1-199

Kindergarten programs suitable for certain children

A. The kindergarten program in each school division shall include a program suitable for children who will reach their fifth birthday on or before September 30 of the school year. The school board’s plan for such program shall be furnished to the Board of Education and shall include the following:

1. A statement of purpose and objectives of the kindergarten program that reflects consideration of the different readiness and maturity levels of children in the program;

2. A description of the organization, scheduling and staffing of the program that reflects a responsiveness to the needs of the children of the age span to be served in the program;

3. Evidence that the program plan was developed by a committee that included early childhood specialists, parents, teachers and administrators;

4. Scheduling and an agenda of in-service activities for kindergarten teachers to ensure adequate preparation for the program;

5. A plan for the interface of the kindergarten program with the primary program to allow for continuous progress.

B. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall disseminate to the school divisions information concerning the ages when children are required or eligible to attend school. Each school division shall disseminate such information to parents of such children of such ages upon or prior to enrollment of such children in the public schools of the division.

C. The age requirements set forth in subsection A of this section shall not affect the operation of any two-tiered, junior or other developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten program or transitional first grade. In those school divisions implementing such programs, children whose fifth birthday occurs between October 1 and December 31 of the school year may be enrolled in kindergarten after an appropriate readiness evaluation has demonstrated that attendance in these programs will educationally benefit such children.


Code 1950, § 22-218.1:1; 1978, c. 518; 1980, cc. 559, 570; 1985, c. 407; 1990, c. 792; 1991, c. 138.


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