§ 22.1-234

Acquisition of sites for projects; sale of completed projects and other school board property

A school board may expend funds for the purpose of acquiring the site for the construction of a career and technical education project. At the completion of a project constructed on private property, the project shall be sold within a reasonable time. The power of eminent domain may not be used to acquire land as a site for a project. In addition, the school board may sell a completed project and any associated land owned by the school board, regardless of whether the property was previously purchased or specifically acquired for the project. The school board shall make reasonable and good faith efforts to ensure that the fair market value is received upon the sale of any building constructed as a project and the associated land, if any.


Code 1950, § 22-330.44; 1974, c. 336; 1980, c. 559; 1991, c. 298; 2001, c. 483.


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