§ 22.1-290.02

Traineeships for education of special education personnel

A. There are hereby established traineeships that shall be awarded to persons who are interested in working in programs for the education of handicapped children for either part-time or full-time study in programs designed to qualify them as special education personnel in the public schools. Applicants for such traineeships shall be graduates of a recognized college or university.

B. The award of such traineeships shall be made by the State Board, and the number of awards during any one year shall depend upon the amounts appropriated by the General Assembly for this purpose. The amount awarded for each traineeship shall be $ 450 for a minimum of six semester hours of course work in areas relating to special education to be taken by the applicant during a single semester or summer session.

C. This program shall be administered by the Department of Education under rules and regulations promulgated by the State Board.


2014, c. 484.


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