§ 22.1-4.1

Street addresses required in certain school admission documents

Documents submitted for admission of any child to public schools in the Commonwealth, except such documents required in accordance with §§ 22.1-3.1 and 22.1-270, shall include the street address or route number of each pupil’s residence. If no street address or route number exists for such residence, a post office box number shall be required.If the pupil is a homeless child or youth as defined in subdivision A 6 of § 22.1-3, and for that reason the school division determines, on the basis of the affidavit of the person seeking to enroll the pupil, that a street address, route number, or post office box number cannot be provided, it may accept an address in an alternate form it deems appropriate.Address information provided under this section shall not be released to any person unless otherwise authorized by law.


1997, c. 900; 2000, c. 209; 2004, c. 500.


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