State And Local Funds

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “State And Local Funds.” It is part of Title 22.1, titled “Education.” It is part of Chapter 8, titled “Public School Funds.” It’s comprised of the following 22 sections.

§ 22.1-100
Unexpended school and educational funds
§ 22.1-101
§ 22.1-101.1
Increase of funds for certain nonresident students; how increase computed and paid; billing of out-of-state placing agencies or persons
§ 22.1-88
Of what school funds to consist
§ 22.1-89
Management of funds
§ 22.1-89.1
Management of cafeteria funds
§ 22.1-89.2
Financial records retention and disposition schedule
§ 22.1-89.3
Funds from telephone service or credit cards
§ 22.1-89.4
Certain policy required; partnerships and sponsorships
§ 22.1-90
Annual report of expenditures
§ 22.1-90.1
Inclusion of instructional spending in the School Performance Report Card
§ 22.1-91
Limitation on expenditures; penalty
§ 22.1-92
Estimate of moneys needed for public schools; notice of costs to be distributed
§ 22.1-93
Approval of annual budget for school purposes
§ 22.1-94
Appropriations by county, city or town governing body for public schools
§ 22.1-95
Duty to levy school tax
§ 22.1-96
Proration of operating cost, expenditures for capital outlay purposes and indebtedness for construction of buildings in certain school divisions
§ 22.1-97
Calculation and reporting of required local expenditures; procedure if locality fails to appropriate sufficient educational funds
§ 22.1-98
Reduction of state aid when length of school term below 180 days or 990 hours
§ 22.1-98.1
Extended School Year Incentive Program
§ 22.1-98.2
Certain agreements; adjustment of state share for basic aid
§ 22.1-99
Approval and certification of apportionment of school funds