§ 23-107

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Service requirement

Each cadet received on state account and who shall have remained in the Institute during the period of two years or more, shall act in the capacity of teacher in some school in this Commonwealth for two years, and such cadet shall be required to discharge his obligation as teacher within the three years immediately after leaving the Institute, and he shall report in writing to the superintendent of the Institute on or before the first day of June of each year succeeding the date of his leaving the Institute until he shall have discharged fully such obligation to the Commonwealth; or, at his option, such cadet may serve an enlistment in the National Guard of the Commonwealth, or serve for a period of two years as an engineer for the Commonwealth Transportation Board or for a period of two years as an engineer with the State Department of Health, or serve on active duty for a period of two years as a member of some component of the armed services of the United States of America, or, with the approval of the board of visitors, serve for a period of two years in any capacity as an employee of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Any cadet failing to fulfill his or her obligation shall repay all funds received from the Commonwealth. The board of visitors may excuse such cadet from any and all of these obligations in such cases as they deem proper.


Code 1919, § 849; 1928, p. 1227; 1952, c. 482; 1958, c. 569; 1973, c. 83; 2006, c. 810.


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