§ 23-217

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Chairman and vice-chairman of Board; oath of members; meetings; quorum; rules and regulations

A. The Board shall select a chairman from its membership, and may provide for the election of one of its members as vice-chairman.

B. Before entering upon the discharge of his duties, each member of the Board shall take an oath that he will faithfully and honestly execute the duties of his office during his continuance therein.

C. The Board shall meet at least four times annually, and on call of the chairman when in his opinion additional meetings are expedient or necessary.

D. Eight members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for all purposes.

E. The main office of the Board shall be in the Commonwealth.

F. The Board is empowered to promulgate necessary rules and regulations for carrying out the purposes of this chapter.


1966, c. 679; 1980, c. 728; 2014, c. 652.


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