§ 23-253.4

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Authority of trustees generally

Such trustees are vested with full authority to: (i) manage, control, maintain and operate the Museum, including the contents, furnishings, grounds funds, property and endowments thereof; (ii) charge for admission to the Museum if deemed proper; (iii) employ such persons as may be necessary to manage, control, maintain and operate the same; (iv) suspend or remove at pleasure any person so employed; (v) determine what paintings, statuary and works of art may be kept, housed or exhibited in the Museum; (vi) acquire by purchase, gift, loan or otherwise paintings, statuary and works of art and to exchange or sell the same if not inconsistent with the terms of the purchase, gift, loan or other acquisition thereof; (vii) enter into agreements with organizations interested in art; (viii) adopt a seal; (ix) stimulate and assist in the formation of new organizations; (x) do such other things as they deem proper to promote education in the realm of art throughout the Commonwealth through the Museum, which is hereby constituted and declared an educational institution, an institution of learning, and a public body and instrumentality for the dissemination of education; and (xi) receive and administer on behalf of the Commonwealth gifts, bequests and devises of real and personal property for the endowment of the Museum or for any special purpose designated by the donor.The trustees are hereby authorized to change the form of investment of any funds, securities or other property, real or personal, provided the same are not inconsistent with the terms of the instrument under which the same was acquired. The trustees may sell, grant and convey any such property, but, in the case of real property, only by and with the written consent of the Governor. The trustees may from time to time confer the honorary degree of patron of arts on any person who has, in their opinion, made an outstanding contribution in the realm of art, but not more than two such degrees shall be conferred in any calendar year.Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the assessment and levying of a service charge pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 34 (§ 58.1-3400 et seq.) of Title 58.1.The exercise by the Museum of the powers conferred by this chapter shall be deemed and held to be the performance of an essential governmental function.


1997, c. 367.


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