§ 23-295

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Board of Regents of Gunston Hall; Board of Visitors for Gunston Hall

There is hereby created the Board of Regents of Gunston Hall and the Board of Visitors for Gunston Hall. Membership of both collegial bodies shall be pursuant to the terms and conditions of the deed of gift of Gunston Hall from Louis Hertle to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The duties for the two boards are prescribed in Chapter 138 of the 1932 Acts of Assembly and Chapter 175 of the 1948 Acts of Assembly. As such, the Board of Regents is declared an educational institution with all the rights, powers, privileges, and immunities under law. The Board of Regents shall manage, maintain and operate Gunston Hall and accept and administer gifts of real and personal property made for the benefit of Gunston Hall.


2000, c. 541.


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