§ 23-38.87:14

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Per student enrollment-based funding

A. In order to incentivize Virginia undergraduate student enrollment growth at the Commonwealth’s public institutions of higher education in furtherance of the increased degree conferral objectives of this chapter, the Governor shall recommend and the General Assembly shall determine and appropriate to the institutions a per student amount that shall follow each Virginia undergraduate student to the institution in which the student enrolls. Recommendations regarding this Virginia undergraduate student enrollment growth incentive shall be developed and reviewed as provided in subdivision B 1 of § 23-38.87:20.

B. The Governor shall consider and recommend as he deems appropriate and the General Assembly shall consider and provide as it deems appropriate additional general fund appropriations to address the unfunded enrollment growth that occurred between the 2005-2006 fiscal year and the enactment of this chapter.

C. In order to assist the General Assembly in determining the per student amount provided for in subsection A and its relation to the per student amount provided to private nonprofit institutions of higher education pursuant to the Tuition Assistance Grant Act (§ 23-38.11 et seq.), each private nonprofit institution of higher education eligible to participate in the Tuition Assistance Grant Program shall submit to the Council its Virginia student enrollment projections for that fiscal year and its actual Virginia student enrollment for the prior fiscal year in a manner determined by the Council. The student admissions policies for the private institutions and their specific programs shall remain the sole responsibility of the governing boards of the individual institutions.


2011, cc. 828, 869.


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