§ 23-50.13

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Conveyance of real property and interests therein

The board of visitors of Virginia Commonwealth University, with the approval of the Governor first obtained, is hereby authorized to sell and convey any and all real estate or interests therein including easements for roads, streets, sewers, water lines, electric and other utility lines or other purposes to which it has acquired title by gift, devise or purchase. The proceeds derived from any such sale or sales shall be held by the University upon the identical trusts, and subject to the same uses, limitations and conditions, if any, that are expressed in the original instrument under which its title was derived, or if there be no such trusts, uses, limitations or conditions expressed in such original instrument, then such funds shall be applied by the board to such purposes as it may deem best for the University.


1968, c. 93.


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