§ 23-50.6

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Appointment, terms, etc., of board of visitors; boards of predecessor institutions to serve as advisory boards

(a. The board of visitors is to consist of sixteen members to be appointed by the Governor for four-year terms except that vacancies other than by expiration of term shall be filled as provided in subsection (d) and except that the initial term of the member appointed to increase the board of visitors to sixteen members shall be three years.

(b. [Repealed.]

(c. Members shall be eligible for service for two consecutive terms of four years only (exclusive of that portion of any unexpired term or any term on the board of less than four years to which he may have been appointed).

(d. All vacancies shall be filled by the Governor for the unexpired terms.

(e. All appointments are subject to confirmation by the General Assembly if in session when such appointments are made, and if not in session, at its next succeeding session. Visitors shall continue to discharge their duties after their terms have expired until their successors have been appointed and have qualified.

(f) [Repealed.]


1968, c. 93; 1972, c. 51; 1981, c. 225.


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