§ 23-7.1:02

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Participation in or eligibility for state-supported financial aid programs

A. Participation in and eligibility for state-supported financial aid or other higher education programs designed to promote greater racial diversity in state-supported institutions of higher education shall not be restricted on the basis of race or ethnic origin and any person who is a member of any federally recognized minority shall be eligible for and may participate in such programs, if all other qualifications for admission to the relevant institution and the specific program are met.

B. Persons who have completed a program of home school instruction in accordance with § 22.1-254.1 and persons who have been excused from school attendance pursuant to subsection B of § 22.1-254 shall be deemed to have met the high school graduation requirements for purposes of eligibility for any state-supported financial aid or other higher education programs. When a high school grade point average, class rank, or other academic criteria is specified as a condition of participating in a program, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall develop empirical alternative equivalent measures that may be required for such programs.


1993, c. 843; 2009, c. 879.


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