§ 23-76

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Powers and duties of board; president and other officers; professors and instruction; regulations

The board shall be charged with the care and preservation of all property belonging to the University. They shall appoint a president, with such duties as may be prescribed by the board, and who shall have supreme administrative direction under the authority of the board over all the schools, colleges and branches of the University wherever located, and they shall appoint as many professors as they deem proper, and, with the assent of two-thirds of the whole number of visitors, may remove such president or any professor. They may prescribe the duties of each professor, and the course and mode of instruction. They may appoint a comptroller and proctor, and employ any other agents or servants, regulate the government and discipline of the students, and the renting of the rooms and dormitories, and, generally, in respect to the government and management of the University, make such regulations as they may deem expedient, not being contrary to law. To enable the proctor and visitors of the University to procure a supply of water, and to construct and maintain a system of waterworks, drainage, and sewerage for the University they shall have power and authority to acquire such springs, lands and rights-of-way as may be necessary, according to the provisions of Title 25.1.


Code 1919, § 811; 1938, p. 442; 1956, cc. 12, 689.


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