§ 23-9.2:3.6

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Education preparation programs offered by institutions of higher education

A. Education preparation programs shall be required to meet the requirements for accreditation and program approval as prescribed by the Board of Education in its regulations.

B. As provided in § 22.1-298.2, the Board of Education shall prescribe an assessment of basic skills for individuals seeking entry into an approved education program and shall establish a minimum passing score for such assessment. The Board also may prescribe other requirements for admission to Virginia’s approved education programs in its regulations.

C. Candidates who fail to achieve the minimum score established by the Board of Education may be denied entrance into the relevant education program on the basis of such failure; however, if enrolled in the program, they shall have the opportunity to address any deficiencies.


2006, cc. 27, 349.


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