§ 23.1-1008

(Effective October 1, 2016) Covered institutions; operational authority generally

In addition to those powers granted in each covered institution’s enabling statutes and the general appropriation act, each covered institution, subject to the express provisions of the management agreement, may exercise all the powers necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes and provisions of this article and:

1. Make and execute contracts, guarantees, or any other instruments and agreements necessary or convenient to the exercise of its powers, authority, and functions, including contracts with persons to (i) operate and manage any or all of the covered institution’s facilities or operations and (ii) incur liabilities and secure the obligations of any entity or individual, provided, however, that no covered institution may pledge the faith and credit of the Commonwealth or enter into an indemnification agreement or binding arbitration agreement contrary to state law;

2. Conduct or engage in any lawful business, activity, effort, or project consistent with the covered institution’s purposes or necessary or convenient to the exercise of its powers; and

3. Procure insurance, participate in insurance plans, provide self-insurance, continue participation in the Commonwealth’s insurance or self-insurance plans, continue participation in the Commonwealth’s risk management programs, and continue participation in the Virginia Retirement System or other Commonwealth sponsored retirement plans subject to the conditions in §§ 23.1-1020 through 23.1-1026, and any combination of the foregoing, as provided in this article. The purchase of insurance, participation in an insurance plan, or creation of a self-insurance plan by the covered institution shall not be deemed a waiver or relinquishment of any sovereign immunity to which the covered institution or its officers, directors, employees, or agents are otherwise entitled. Covered institutions may participate in any Commonwealth or Virginia Retirement System insurance, self-insurance, or risk management program on the same terms and conditions applicable to other state agencies and other public institutions of higher education.


2005, cc. 933, 945, § 23-38.99; 2016, c. 588.


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