§ 23.1-2401

(Effective October 1, 2016) Authority established; powers, purposes, and duties

A. The Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority is established as a public body corporate, public instrumentality, and political subdivision of the Commonwealth with such public and corporate powers as are set forth in this chapter.

B. The purpose of the Authority is to exercise public and essential governmental functions to provide for the health, welfare, convenience, knowledge, benefit, and prosperity of the residents of the Commonwealth and such other individuals who might be served by the Authority by delivering and supporting the delivery of medical care and related services to such residents and individuals, providing educational opportunities in the medical field and related disciplines, conducting and facilitating research in the medical field and related disciplines, and enhancing the delivery of health care and related services to the Commonwealth’s indigent population. The Authority may perform such public and essential government functions with the power and purpose to:

1. Provide health care, including indigent care, to protect and promote the health and welfare of the citizens of the Commonwealth;

2. Serve as a high-quality teaching hospital to provide and promote health care by educating medical and health sciences professionals, providing medical services not widely available in the Commonwealth, and treating patients of the type and on the scale necessary to facilitate medical research and attract physicians, faculty members, researchers, and other individuals necessary to maintain quality medical and health sciences education;

3. Facilitate and support the health education, research, and public service activities of the Health Sciences Schools of the University;

4. Serve as the principal teaching and training hospital for undergraduate and graduate students of the Health Sciences Schools of the University;

5. Provide a site for faculty members of the Health Sciences Schools of the University to conduct medical and biomedical research; and

6. Operate and manage general hospital and other health care facilities, engaging in specialized management and operational practices to remain economically viable, earning revenues necessary for operations, and participating in arrangements with public and private entities and other activities, taking into account changes that have occurred or may occur in the future in the provision of health care and related services.

C. The Authority shall operate, maintain, and expand, as appropriate, teaching hospitals and related facilities for the benefit of the Commonwealth and its citizens and such other individuals who might be served by the Authority.


1996, cc. 905, 1046, §§ 23-50.16:2, 23-50.16:3; 2000, c. 720; 2016, c. 588.


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