§ 23.1-635

(Effective October 1, 2016) Determination of domicile; Council oversight and reports

A. For the purposes of determining a student’s eligibility for a grant, the enrolling institution shall determine domicile as provided in § 23.1-502 and the Council’s domicile guidelines.

B. In order to ensure consistency and fairness, the Council shall (i) require all participating eligible institutions to file student-specific data, (ii) monitor the decisions of such institutions regarding domicile, and (iii) make final decisions on any disputes between such institutions and grant applicants.

C. The Council shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly, as the Council deems necessary, on issues relating to determinations of domicile for students applying for grants.


1972, c. 18, § 23-38.18; 1973, c. 2; 1985, c. 359; 1995, c. 663; 2016, c. 588.


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