§ 23.1-816

(Effective October 1, 2016) Extending police power of public institutions of higher education beyond boundaries; jurisdiction of general district courts; duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth

A. The governing board of any public institution of higher education that leases, rents, or owns satellite campuses, public buildings, and other property located beyond the limits of such institution has and may exercise full police power over such property and individuals using such property. The governing board may prescribe policies and regulations for the operation and use of such properties and the conduct of individuals using such property and may provide appropriate administrative penalties for the violation of such policies and regulations.

B. The general district court for the locality in which violations of law or policies or regulations established by the governing board of the institution pursuant to subsection A occurs has jurisdiction over all cases involving such violations.

C. It is the duty of each local attorney for the Commonwealth to prosecute all violators of the laws pertaining to the provisions enumerated in this article that occur in such locality.


1991, c. 711, § 23-234.1; 2016, c. 588.


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