§ 24.2-116

Compensation of officers; volunteer officers

The governing body of each county, city, or town shall pay its officers of election at least $ 75 for each full day’s service rendered on each election day. In addition, the governing body shall pay each officer $ 10 and mileage at the rate payable to members of the General Assembly for each time he delivers pollbooks and ballots to the polling place and each time he delivers returns and ballots to the appropriate official after the polls close. Jurisdictions may increase the salary of the officers collecting and delivering materials by at least $ 10 and the equivalent of mileage expenses from the furthest polling place in the locality in lieu of calculating the mileage and extra pay required by this section.An officer of election may waive compensation and serve as an unpaid volunteer officer. Unpaid volunteer officers shall possess the qualifications and fulfill the requirements that apply to paid officers of election.


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