§ 24.2-209

Filling vacancies in House of Representatives

When any vacancy occurs in the representation of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the House of Representatives, or when a representative-elect dies or resigns, the Governor shall issue a writ of election to fill the vacancy. Upon receipt of written notification by a representative or representative-elect of his resignation as of a stated date, the Governor may immediately issue a writ to call the election. The representative’s or representative-elect’s resignation shall not be revocable after the date stated by him for his resignation or after the forty-fifth day before the date set for the special election.


Code 1950, § 24-6; 1970, c. 462, § 24.1-7; 1983, c. 461; 1993, c. 641; 2003, c. 1015; 2010, cc. 449, 645.


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