§ 24.2-658

Machines with printed return sheets; disposition of sheets

If machines that print returns are used, the printed inspection sheet and two copies of the printed return sheet containing the results of the election for each machine shall be inserted in the envelope containing the statement of results by the officers of election and sealed and returned as required by § 24.2-668.The printed inspection sheets and one copy of the printed return sheets shall be kept with the statement of results and preserved as provided in § 24.2-669.One copy of the printed return sheets shall be made available by the clerk of the circuit court on the day following the election and for 60 additional days for inspection and transcribing information therefrom by the public.


1981, c. 425, § 24.1-222.1; 1985, c. 458; 1993, c. 641; 2014, cc. 540, 576.


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