§ 24.2-671.1

Audits of ballot scanner machines

A. The State Board shall be authorized to conduct a post-election audit of one or more ballot scanner machines in one or more precincts in one or more localities with respect to an election in which the margin between the top two candidates for each office on the ballot exceeds 10 percent, with the consent of the electoral board of the locality, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary. The purposes of the audits shall be to study the accuracy of ballot scanner machines.

B. No audit shall commence until after the election has been certified and the period to initiate a recount has expired without the initiation of a recount, unless such audit is being conducted as part of a voting system certification. An audit shall have no effect on the election results.

C. All audits shall be performed in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the State Board under the supervision of the local electoral board. The procedures established by the State Board shall include its procedures for conducting hand counts of ballots. Candidates and political parties may have representatives observe the audits.

D. At the conclusion of each audit, the local electoral board shall announce publicly the results of the audit of the machines in its jurisdiction. The announcement shall include a comparison of the audited election results and the initial tally for each machine audited, and an analysis of any detected discrepancies.


2008, c. 565; 2014, cc. 540, 576.


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