§ 24.2-953

General provisions

A. The procedures to enforce the provisions of this article are found in § 24.2-946.3.

B. Either the failure to file any statement or report or the late filing of any statement or report required by this chapter shall constitute a violation of this chapter subject to the penalties provided in this article.

C. Any person who violates, or aids, abets, or participates in the violation of, this chapter shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $ 100, unless a greater penalty is imposed by this article.

D. In the case of a willful violation, the violator shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that the violation of this chapter was willful if the violation is based on a person’s failure to file a report required by this chapter and his failure to file continues for more than 60 days following his actual receipt of written notice of his failure to file sent to him by certified mail, return receipt requested, by the State Board or a general registrar. Such notice shall be sent to the most recent mailing address provided by the candidate or committee.

E. In the case of a failure to file a required statement or report by the specified deadline, the length of the delinquency shall be a factor in determining the amount of the civil penalty assessed.

F. The statute of limitations applicable to a violation of this chapter is stated in § 19.2-8.

G. The requirements of this chapter for the filing of timely and complete statements and reports by any candidate campaign committee or political committee shall at all times remain in full force and effect and shall not be vacated, suspended, or modified as the result of any pending or completed criminal or civil investigation of the candidate campaign committee, the political committee, or any individual participant in the committee.


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