§ 27-34.2

Power to arrest, to procure and serve warrants and to issue summons; limitation on authority

In addition to such other duties as may be prescribed by law, the local fire marshal and his assistants appointed pursuant to § 27-36 shall, if authorized by the governing body of the county, city or town appointing the local fire marshal, have the authority to arrest, to procure and serve warrants of arrest and to issue summons in the manner authorized by general law for violation of fire prevention and fire safety laws and related ordinances. The authority granted in this section shall not be exercised by any local fire marshal or assistant until such person has satisfactorily completed a training course designed specifically for local fire marshals and their assistants, which course shall be approved by the Virginia Fire Services Board.The Department of Fire Programs in cooperation with the Department of Criminal Justice Services shall have the authority to design, establish and maintain the required courses of instruction through such agencies and institutions as the Departments jointly may deem appropriate and to approve such other courses as such Departments determine appropriate.The authority granted in this section shall not be construed to authorize a fire marshal or his assistants to wear or carry firearms.


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