§ 28.2-204

Authority to collect fisheries statistics

A. The Commission may collect from any source any fisheries data and information necessary to develop fishery management plans and to evaluate management options. This information shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Statistics for catch and fishing efforts by species from commercial and recreational fishermen;

2. Statistics from fish processors and dealers;

3. Types of gear and equipment used;

4. Areas in which fishing has been conducted;

5. Landing places; and

6. The estimated capacity of fish processing facilities and the actual amount of fish processed at these facilities.

B. The Commission may enter into cooperative agreements with any other entity for the collection of statistics.

C. The information collected or reported shall not be disclosed in any manner which would permit identification of any person, firm, corporation or vessel, except when required by court order. The Commission may prescribe the form and manner in which this information is reported.


1986, c. 273, § 28.1-23.2; 1992, c. 836.


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