§ 28.2-208.1

Commercial Fishing Advisory Board established

A. There is hereby established the Commercial Fishing Advisory Board, which shall hereinafter be known as the Board. The Board shall advise the Commission on the expenditure of those moneys received.

B. The Board shall consist of nine members appointed by the Commissioner from a list of nominees submitted by organizations representing commercial fishing interests. The membership shall be representative of the geographic area covered by the commercial fishing license.

C. The term of each member shall be for three years, provided that initial appointments shall be three members appointed for three years, three members appointed for two years and three members appointed for one year. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be made to fill the unexpired terms.

D. Members shall receive no compensation for their services but shall receive reimbursement for actual expenses. The Board shall meet at the call of the Commissioner or at least four times yearly.


1993, c. 10.


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